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Latest News :: Client 4.1.10 Now Available!
Posted on August 08, 2022 by CodeJunkie

Client Updates

  • Client will now better handle removing/updating non-permanent game rooms which were automatically deactivated and synchronized for clients not in the game room.
  • Updated the restrict session to IP option to default to false. NOTE: It's recommended that this option be turned off unless you have a static IP.
  • Possibly resolved the random "List index out of bounds (-2)" error. If you still encounter this, please let me know.
  • Fixed bug where the game room create screen would randomly switch between game option tabs when changing games instead of defaulting to the first tab.
  • Files that should not be saved to a game's overlay mount are now deleted before the game starts and if they exist after the game ends it copies them to the game folder and then deletes them. This affects the config files for these games:
    • Blood
    • Blood (One Unit Whole Blood)
    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert
    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Aftermath
    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Counterstrike
    • Descent
    • Descent II
    • Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition
    • NAM
    • NetKeen
    • Redneck Rampage
    • Redneck Rampage Rides Again
    • Shadow Warrior
    • Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon
    • Shadow Warrior: Wanton Destruction
    • Warcraft II
    • Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal
  • The same previous fix will also handle the Build engine games that allow for using the Build Mouse Fix EXE patch. These game's EXEs will be handled:
    • Blood
    • Duke Nukem 3D
    • Shadow Warrior
    • Redneck Rampage
  • Added EXE hacks for Heretic and Hexen.
  • Updated the graphics mode setting to only include the settings that DOSBox staging supports: Surface, OpenGL, OpenGLnb, OpenGLpp, Texture, TextureNB and TexturePP.
  • Added DOSBox staging Texture Renderer graphics option for game profiles and user games.
  • Added DOSBox staging VSync and VSync Skip graphics options for game profiles and user games.
  • Added DOSBox staging Mouse Raw Input option for game profiles and user games. Located on the "Input" tab of the profile and game configuration screens.
  • Added DOSBox staging GL Shaders graphics option for game profiles and user games. You can choose between selecting a complete absolute path to a GLSL file or a GLSL file located in the global DOSBox user "glshaders" folder.
  • Fixed bug where the double buffering check box on the user profiles screen was enabled before enabling a profile to edit.
  • Updated the "Auto Lock" mouse input option to set the DOSBox Staging "capture_mouse" option. On = onstart middlegame, Off = onclick middlegame. This option still defaults to on and should work the same as mainline DOSBox.
  • Updated to pass the -nolocalconf command line argument to DOSBox as to not load any dosbox.conf files that may be in a game's folder, potentially causing problems.
  • Game room creators and game room server owners can now kick players from the rooms.
  • Updated the "Add" button of the "My Servers" screen to only enable if the player is a SysOp. A notice will also be displayed the first time the screen is opened stating that in order to add or maintain servers you first need to install the CGA dedicated server and configure it for remote administration.
  • Games that do not require waiting on max players will now allow for auto launching the game from a protocol URL instead of just entering the room. There is also now a copy launch URL button on the game room lobby screen.

Click here to download the latest client.

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