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Latest News :: Client 4.1.15 Released!
Posted on March 19, 2023 by CodeJunkie

Client Updates

  • Adjusted how the DeuSF and Sound File buttons work on the game mod add/edit dialog window.
  • Changed the "M / M" column and the "M / M" button on game room info panel to "Custom".
  • You can now download multiple mods at the same time from the mods and maps screen.
  • A custom location can now be set for where game mods and maps will be downloaded. It can be set from the General tab of the configuration screen.
  • Added support for Shadow Warrior map packs. Add them via the "Mods" listing under Shadow Warrior and its expansions.
  • Added support for William Shatner's Tekwar. Also included is a patched EXE which will be used in multiplayer named TEKWAR11.EXE and will not overwrite the orignal TEKWAR.EXE. This patched EXE improves network reliability.
  • Added support for Grandmaster Chess. A GOG profile is also available.
  • Added support for Assault Rigs.
  • Added support for Extreme Assault.
  • Added option to run a game up to the command prompt from the "My Games" screen. It is labelled "Prompt" and there is also a context menu item named "Run to Prompt". This will allow you to test and/or experiment with a game without auto running it and auto exiting DOSBox.
  • Added a "Create Room" button on the "My Games" screen and added a context menu item named "Create Game Room". This will open the create game room dialog window with it defaulted to the selected game.
  • Game room creators can now set whether max players can be changed or not for temporary rooms for games that require waiting for players.
  • Updating your LFG status in the client will post to the #looking-to-play Discord channel.
  • Added circular input and deadzone joystick options. All Joystick options will now also reset to default or profile settings.
  • Added PC Speaker options DC Offset and IBM PS/1 Audio.
  • Fixed some of the sound options on the user game screen which were not triggering the "Apply" button to enable.
  • Moved sound options on the user game profile and user game dialog windows into a page control broken out into Speaker, MIDI, Sound Blaster and Gravis Ultra Sound tabs.
  • Updated MIDI devices to the DOSBox Staging supported devices.
  • Implemented the DOSBox Staging FluidSynth options. In order to use SoundFonts you must select the "FluidSynth" MIDI device and within the game setup change your music card to "General MIDI".
  • Terminal Velocity can now use mods/maps.
  • Added support for Battles of Destiny. A GOG profile is also available.
  • Added support for Theatre of War. A GOG profile is also available.
  • Improved game stat tracking initialization process which will allow for much easier updates of DOSBox Staging and porting the client to new platforms.
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous update wherein saving a mod file when adding or editing which requires extracting the zip contents to a subfolder would be extracted to the base game mod folder instead.
  • Added an option for Blood mods to be set as "Standalone" mods if they are meant to override the game's base files such as the TILESxxx.ART files or any other. The mod "Vodka" is an exameple of this. This option instructs the client to extract the mod files to a subfolder for the mod and mount that folder as an overlay in order to load the mod files. This will prevent this type of mod from interferring with other mods.
  • Fixed bug where mods/maps would not filter on the game room create/edit screen when editing the game room.
  • Added support for Abuse.
  • Game room creators for games that must wait for players and that are temporary can now bet set to auto launch which allows the creator to launch the game for everyone.
  • When changing the max players in a tempoary game room the max players data will now sync to all other players when changed instead of when the game is launched. The chat notices have also been updated to reflect who made the change.

Click here to download the latest client.

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