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Latest News :: Client 4.1.22 Now Available!
Posted on September 18, 2023 by CodeJunkie

Client Updates

  • Corrected misspelling of "Change History" on the Help menu.
  • Config Type label will now properly enable/disable on the user game profile add/edit screen.
  • Updated the backend and front end to get and display a game's XP and level when being added for the first time (since the game could be under another profile)
  • Moved the game config types (ie: Manual, GoG, Steam, etc) to the games.json config file from the dosboxsettings.json config file.
  • Will now log when the game stat driver is initialized during a game launch.
  • When attempting to enter a game room from a protocol link and the room no longer exists, the main screen will now be restored so the message will be displayed properly.
  • You can now configure a virtual CD drive for KKND: Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy.
  • The virtual CD drive for KKND will only be able to start at E when using DOSBox due to the goofy setup for it.
  • Fixed Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon and Eradicator GOG profiles to allow selecting just the root GOG game folder.
  • If the connection is lost to a CGA server during a running game it will now shutdown the running game, properly complete and display a lost connection error message.
  • Resolved some client hanging issues wherein it would not shutdown in different scenarios.
  • Fixed type-o of "Classic Gaming Arena" in splash screen "Conneting to..." message.
  • When logging on from another location the client will no longer popup a message dialog and will no longer display in the lobby chat window that you were disconnected from the global chat system twice.
  • Fixed synchronization issues when creating, updating and deleting game rooms related to real-time updates.
  • Fixed issue where Final Doom was not properly cleaning up the mod_list tag when creating the command line parameters to blank when no mods were being used.
  • Updated Steam profile for Final Doom to copy IPXS_VU.EXE for multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue where mods used with Final Doom (The Plutonia Experiment) were not properly loading due to PLUTONIA.WAD explictly being passed on the command line.
  • The Steam profiles for Final Doom, Plutonia and TNT, can now handle multiple base paths such as "finaldoombase" if being setup from the Doom 2 installation or "base" if being setup from the Final Doom installation. If the game path is setup to include the base path the profile base path will no longer be appended. This applies to any non-manual game configuration (ie: Steam, GOG, etc, etc).
  • Corrected the game room copy URL button hints.
  • Fixed issue wherein an access violation was being thrown when trying to rejoin a chat channel you had previously left.
  • Mods are now supported for the game Abuse.

Click here to download the latest client.

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