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Latest News :: Client 4.1.25 Released!
Posted on November 03, 2023 by CodeJunkie

Client Updates

  • Fixed bug where editing a game's setup would clear its single player custom setup (mods/maps) locally, preventing selected mods/maps from displaying in the edit window.
  • Updated the "Refresh All" button on the servers screen and the refresh servers button on the game room create screen to delete the server cache file before requesting the server list.
  • Updated the "Refresh" button on the game list screen to delete the games cache file before requesting the games list.
  • Added a button labeled "Reset Data Cache" to the general tab of the configuration screen if you want to delete and refresh the client's downloaded data it caches suchs as games, servers, etc.
  • Added support for Network Q RAC Rally Championship. This required client code to generate the config file located at VAR\RALLYC.ZOG in order to config the CD drive letter.
  • Fixed bug related to game config profiles (ie: Steam, GOG) where a game with a DOS subfolder wouldn't be mounted properly if the subfolder was in the base folder in some way. For example, Caramageddon's GOG profile has a DOS subfolder of CARMA and the base game folder is "Carmageddon Max Pack".
  • Fixed bug where a game config profile wasn't properly mounting the CD if the game base path was set to the DOS subfolder instead of the base path.
  • Added Strife GOG profile.
  • Added Quake GOG profile.
  • Added Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders GOG profile.
  • Added HeXen: Beyond Heretic GOG profile.
  • Added HeXen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel GOG profile.
  • Fixed the Battle Isle 2 (Scenery CD) GOG profile with its proper DOS subfolder.
  • Fixed issue where the config file for Doom Engine games using DeHacked or DeuSF would not be copied back to the game folder after DOSBox closes.
  • Updated the configuration for NAM to copy its EXE back to the game folder in the event it is updated using the Build Mouse Fix and is saved to an overlay folder.
  • Updated Blood (Cryptic Passage), HeXen and Rise of the Triad to copy and remove the files they modify during runtime from the custom overlay folder.
  • Fixed issue where a game room could be removed from the main listing after receiving an update notification and an error occurred trying to request the updated game room data. A game room will now only be removed in this scenario if the game room no longer exists.
  • Blood (Cryptic Passage) will now use BLOOD.EXE when applying the Build Mouse Fix instead of trying to modify CRYPTIC.EXE which fails.
  • Updated Doom Engine games to update the game config in-place in order to set the autorun value and revert it in-place instead of backing up the config and restoring it. This will prevent losing any changes made to game settings while playing.
  • The autorun setting for Doom Engine games can now be set/unset while running the corresponding setup program.
  • Added a right-click context menu to the game mod list screen's mod list frame.
  • Added Multiplayer and Single Player filters to the mods/maps list on the mods/maps screen and moved the Owner filter to the bottom of the list with the new filters.
  • Added Multiplayer and Single Player mod/map filters to the game room create/edit screen.
  • Added a link to the DOSBox Staging website in the Help main menu.
  • Updated the mods/maps system to locally store a cache file for each mod/map which contains a list of the files extracted and the original zip file name.
  • The game mods & maps screen will now denote whether mods or maps have been downloaded or not and will be bolded if they have and the new column "DL" will say "Yes" or "No".
  • You can now delete the local files for mods/maps from the game mods & maps screen. Individually or multiple at one time.
  • When running a game with mods or maps and any of those mods or maps have been changed by the owner their local files will now be cleaned up before re-downloading and extracting.
  • The local mod/map cache will now also be maintained when adding, editing or deleting from the game mod & maps screen.
  • Fixed a bug wherein editing a mod or map and updating using a new zip filename wouldn't update the filename of the local object leading to the client asking if you want to download the missing zip file when trying to edit the object before refreshig the list.
  • When adding a new mod or map from the game mods & maps screen the entire list will no longer be refreshed, the new object will just be added to the list.
  • Updated mod/map zip extract process to also remove hidden and system file attributes. The mod called "Airquake" for Quake has a file named "DESCRIPT.ION" which is set to hidden and can cause the same issues as the files that were flagged as read-only. If you have this mod downloaded you will need to delete this file and re-download the mod so it corrects the local file.
  • Fixed issue with LZMA decompression wherein it was calling the OnProgress event handler of its parent class multiple times when it should not have been and in some cases passing a filename without the full extracted path which could lead to an error being thrown when trying to reset the file attributes due the file not existing. The map "$4,000,000 Map" for "C&C: Red Alert - Aftermath" was having this issue.
  • If the local mod/map cache has not been built the client will download a list of all active mods/maps and build the cache for any files that have already been downloaded prior to this update upon client startup.
  • The mod/map cache can be force rebuilt from the Game Mods & Maps screen by using the "Rebuild Cache" button next to the "Refresh" button above the game tree view.
  • Fixed bug with the game refresh button on the game mods and maps screen wherein if a node was selected in the tree it would systematically select all nodes prior to it consequently refreshing the mod list on every node.
  • Updated the game mod/map create/edit screen to perform the upload and copy to cache and extract process in a separate thread so it doesn't lock up the UI when working with large files. If an error occurs trying to copy the zip to your custom cache or extracting the file the added object is now removed from the cloud.
  • Fixed the tab order of the controls on the game mod/map create/edit screen.
  • Code cleanup to facilitate a beta test build.
  • Beta build of the client will now use a separate user config folder to save its settings (.cgaclient_beta).
  • Beta build of the client will now work independently of the live client. This will allow for running both the beta and live client together.
  • Updated the about and splash screen to display a label with "Beta!" under the title and version in the beta build. The application title and main form will also have "[Beta]" appended to it.

Click here to download the latest client.

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