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Help :: Configuring Your Games Topics

Now that you have installed and configured the CGA Client it is time to setup some games. If you don't have any, you can go here at any time to download some shareware or demo games.

Click one of the following links to jump to the section you wish to know more about or continue reading.

:: Add/Edit Games

To add/edit your games for the Classic Gaming Arena click the My Games link in the account information window at the top right. To add a new game to the currently selected profile click the Add link or the add icon (). To edit a game click the edit () icon to the right of the game. You will then be presented with a screen with the following options.

  • Game
    From this drop down box select the game you want to configure. The list contains all the games you have not yet configured for the currently selected profile.
  • Configuration Type
    After you have selected a game this dropdown box will contain the available configuration types the selected game offers. Current options are Manual, GOG.com, Steam and Apogee/3D Realms. Not all configuration types are available for each game. If a game only has one game type it wil be selected automatically. Manual allows you to configure all game path information including the CD setup. All other options will only let you configure the game's path as the CD options are preset in our database based on the store the game is purchased from.
  • Local Game Path
    This is the full physical path to the game you are configuring. (ie: C:\DOSBox\C\GAMES\DOOM) This path should NOT include the executable.
  • This game requires a CD
    If the game you are configuring requires a CD then select this option.
  • CD is an ISO
    If you will be using an ISO image of the game CD instead of the physical disc then select this option.
  • CD Drive or ISO File Path
    This is the full path to the CD drive or ISO image you are going to use as a CD drive. (ie: "D:\" or "C:\CDImages\Descent2.iso") If your ISO also has an accompanying .CUE file set this path to the .CUE file so the game can properly play the CD music tracks.
  • Virtual CD
    Select a drive letter to assign to the CD Drive or ISO image. You can choose from D to Y since A and B are floppy drives, C is the default hard drive and Z is used by DOSBox.
  • Video Hardware
    Select the video card hardware you wish to be emulated. Available options: CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA - S3, SVGA-ET3000, SVGA-ET4000, SVGA - Paradise, VESA 1.3 and VESA 2.0 with no linear frame buffer.
  • Graphic Mode
    Select the graphics interface that will be used to render the game. Available options: Overlay, Surface, DirectDraw, OpenGL and OpenGL with no bilinear filtering.
  • Full Screen
    Checking this option will start the game in full screen mode instead of windowed mode.
  • Double Buffering
    Checking this option will render the game using the double buffering technique in full screen mode only.
  • Keep Aspect Ratio
    Do aspect correction, if your graphic mode method doesn't support scaling this can slow things down!.
  • Windowed Resolution
    Select the resolution you wish to use when the game is run in windowed mode. Original will use the game's actual resolution and switch as instructed by the game. All other resolutions scale the game to the specified resolution.
  • Full Screen Resolution
    Select the resolution you wish to use when the game is run in full screen mode. Original will use the game's actual resolution and switch as instructed by the game. All other resolutions scale the game to the specified resolution.
  • Scaling Engine
    Select the engine to be used when the game is scaled to a specified resolution.
  • Apply graphics settings to all games within current profile
    Checking this option will apply all graphics settings selected to all the other games within the currently selected profile.
  • Core
    CPU Core used in the emulation. Auto will switch to dynamic if available and appropriate.
  • CPU
    CPU type used in the emulation. Auto is the fastest choice. Available options: Auto, 386, 386 (Slow), 486 (Slow), Pentium (Slow), 386 (Prefetch).
  • Cycles
    Amount of instructions DOSBox tries to emulate each millisecond. Setting this value too high results in sound dropouts and lags. Auto tries to guess what a game needs. It usually works, but can fail for certain games. Fixed # will set a fixed amount of cycles. This is what you usually need if auto fails. Max will allocate as much cycles as your computer is able to handle.

When you are all done click the Save button to save your new game configuration. You will be returned to your game list.

:: Configure Games

To configure a game using its setup program simply click the configuration icon () to the right of the game. If a game does not have a setup program this icon will be greyed out.

:: Play Games

To test your game configuration or simply play it in single player mode click the play icon
() to the right of the game.

:: Delete Games

If you must delete a game configuration click the delete icon () to the right of the game. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the game. If you are sure click "Ok", if not click "Cancel".

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