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Latest News :: Client 4.1.27 Now Available!
Posted on November 15, 2023 by CodeJunkie

Client Updates

  • Added support for 7 Colors puzzle game.
  • Added support for Dungeon Keeper: Deeper Dungeons and its GOG profile.
  • Fixed A/V error when opening the game list screen for the first time and a new game had been added to the backend database.
  • Removed the deactivate/reactivate process for temporary game rooms since they now expire after 24 hours. This also eliminated the bug wherein players were being kicked from game rooms when they became deactivated.
  • Updated game room allow enter logic for games that must wait on all players (ie: Doom, Duke3D, etc.) to allow entry as long as the number of players in the room is less than the max players.
  • Game rooms for games that must wait on all players, temporary or permanent, auto launch or not, will now auto set the temporary max players or reset to max players based on the number of players in the room. You can still manually set the temp player count, but you don't have to now.
  • Cleaned up logic around enabling/disabling the launch game button in the game room screen. There where some scenarios where it could enable when it should not.
  • Added a menu item under "Games" and a button on the my games screen to update the main game list.
  • Added country and ping to the server list on the game room create screen.
  • Added country to the server list screen.
  • Columns on the server list screen are now sortable.
  • Added "ACE Engine Mod" checkbox to the game mod add/edit screen. When checking it, it will disable and uncheck the "Requires Exe Hack" checkbox. If these games have the "No Vertical Mouse" option selected in their configs it will be ingorned when running the game. When selecing mods from the game room create/edit screen and single player custom screen you won't be able to mix ACE Engine mods and mods the require and EXE hack. This new option applies to Doom II and Final Doom.
  • Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition mods can now be configured as "standalone" if they have files the same name as the base game files. If the mod has a custom CFG file it can now be selected in the mod setup and passed in on the command line using -setupfile switch.
  • The custom cache will now cache the hash values of the zip files so that each mod/map can be shown as needing to be updated or not. There is a new column in the list labelled "Update?" which will say "Yes" or "No" and any mod/map that needs to be updated will be colored red. The cache will rebuild the first time starting the client after this update.

Click here to download the latest client.

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