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Latest News :: Client 4.1.28 Released!
Posted on November 20, 2023 by CodeJunkie

Client Updates

  • Fixed minor bug wherein the game room launch process would attempt to set the temporary max players to 1 if there was only one player in the room and they clicked launch.
  • Removed the DC Offset PC Speaker option from the audio configuration tabs of the user profile and user game screens since it's no longer an option in DOSBox Staging.
  • DOSBox settings no longer supported by DOSBox Staging will not be written to the configuration file. The client has been updated to conditionally write the options for DOSBox Staging (Vista+) and DOSBox SVN-lfn (Win2k/XP).
  • The user game profile and user game screen will now disable/enable only the controls corresponding to the DOSBox version used by the client.
  • The client will now set the memory size for DOSBox to 31 or 63 when it's configured to be 32 or 64 respectively as to prevent DOSBox from complaining.
  • Fixed bug wherein mods that were downloaded when launching a game weren't being hashed due to the fully qualified path to the filename not being passed to the cache function and resulting in an error stating the zip file could not be found.
  • Fixed bug wherein the game room create button on the lobby screen would not enable after adding a game to a newly created game profile for a new user.
  • The "My Games" button and game room dropdown box will now disable after logging out.
  • Windows 2000 is now supported! This version uses DOSBox SVN-lfn. Audio chat via TeamSpeak is not supported.
  • Windows XP is now supported! This version uses DOSBox SVN-lfn. All features are supported.
  • Reverted the changes made for ACE Engine mods and added a new option to the mod/map add/edit screen to allow flagging a mod as being ACE compatible. When adding mods to a game room or single player custom setup if an ACE mod is already added to the selected mods list and you attempt to add a non-ACE compatible mod you will be asked if you really want to add it to the list or not and vise versa.
  • When using an ACE Engine mod, stat tracking will be disabled (for now).

Click here to download the latest client.

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