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Help :: Multiplayer Without Using CGA Topics

Setting up multiplayer games with DOSBox is not difficult, but it can be tedious. This guide will help you setup a multiplayer game without using the CGA Client, website or a dedicated server, but it should also reveal to you why we created CGA.

Step 1: DOSBox and Games
All players involved need to install and configure DOSBox to their liking. The game(s) desired should also be installed and configured.

Step 2: The Virtual Network
The next step is to get the virtual network started. All players need to start DOSBox and at the command prompt type:


NOTE: This can also be set by default in the DOSBox configuration file.

The player acting as the host then has to type:

ipxnet startserver [port]

Where [port] equals any valid UDP port (1 to 65535) that is available. All other players then need to type:

ipxnet connect [host] [port]

Where [host] is the hostname or IP address of the compter you will be connecting and [port] equals the same port the host used to start the server. Once everyone has connected to the host the virtual network has been established.

Step 3: The Physical Network
For players acting as the host their firewall will need to be configured to port forward (hardware firewalls) or allow incoming traffic on (software firewalls) the UDP port that was chosen for use. This is the #1 reason why a dedicated server is desired and why this site and software was created.

Step 4: Starting the Game
Now that everyone is connected to the host the desired game can be setup and started for a multiplayer game. Most games have the ability to start a multiplayer game via a setup program, in-game options and command line parameters. Most older games like DOOM have to be setup using its setup program or command line parameters. Games such as Descent have in-game options.

This is important because games that have to be configured using a setup program or command line parameters requires each player to set all the options exactly the same such as game type, number of players and the port to be used. So some cooridination is required. Games with in-game options usually allow one player to setup the game and the others join in, which is a lot easier.

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